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Cheap Boat Articles

Canberra and the banks play a delicate game

It is not just Gail Kelly of Westpac who is afraid of putting up bank interest rates for fear of a backlash from the government. The other banks are in the same boat and would dearly love to bolster their returns by increasing interest rates.

Dreams of freedom driving Sri Lankans onto boats

IN A grim, windowless hut on the outskirts of Colombo sits Kevin Rudd's nightmare.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Music has to be fed by life experience and, as Matt Buchanan writes, James Morrison has dined well at that table.

Boomers Catch Sailing Bug

IN those dark and distant days when money was tight, credit was merely a compliment, and greed wasn't necessarily good, folk aplenty turned to sailing for their cheap thrills.

Is It Crunch Time For Coal?

Brown coal is cheap and abundant in Victoria but so high-polluting it may become prohibitively expensive once carbon trading begins. "Clean coal" is the industry's great white hope, but it may be wishful thinking.